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Cloud based DICOM PACS, Backup, and Radiology Referral Service.
Why Choose Amplify PACS?
Low Cost & Flat Fee pricing
Cloud PACS plans are flat fee per acquisition device. No setup fee and no cancellation fee. Your Cloud PACS has unlimited storage for your DICOM images--we back up all of your existing DICOM images to the cloud for no additional cost.
Teleradiology in Network
Easily assign exams directly to your radiologist for overreads and have radiologist reports attached directly to the exams. Don't have a radiologist? We have plenty to choose from in our network.
HIPAA Compliance
Your data is always secure, our storage is redundant and our data centers are SAEE 16, PCI and HIPAA compliant. Our staff is trained to protect your patient information.
FDA cleared DICOM viewers
Full featured FDA Cleared DICOM viewer for Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10.
Extensive Compatibility
Integration support for the majority of local PACS and DICOM acquisition devices, including CR, DR, CT, MR, US and more.
Long Term Storage
Images are stored and directly available for a minimum of 7 years and longer for pediatrics.
Many standard features
Off-site image viewing, create annotations and calculations, Patient CD burning, DICOM/Paper Print, DICOM send, Scan paper reports and more.
Expertise in PACS and DICOM
We specialize in the storage of DICOM images and have extensive operating knowledge of many of the industry's leading medical equipment manufacturers.
Fully automated
Computer knowledge not required, we will do all the configuration for you. Our software will be configured to automatically receive images directly from your imaging device or PACS. The images will be encrypted and transmitted to our data centers.
Off-site backup in the cloud
If you have an existing PACS or don't, you can use our service to backup all of your exams off-site. In the event of a disaster your patient images will be safe and easily recoverable. There are never enough backups, your data is backed up to a minimum of 3 geographically different data centers.

Let us show you how Amplify PACS will improve your practice by increasing efficiency and maximizing workflow.

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